BNF shields Cartes in meeting with the CBI

Jorge Querey, national senator for the Guasu Front and president of the Bicameral Investigation Commission (CBI) that investigates money laundering, pointed out that all the statements made by the summoned authorities will form part of the final report.

He pointed out that the latter will be supported by documentation and will be made available to the plenary to refer to the Public Ministry, to make new legislation or establish some control system.

At the same time, he questioned the BNF’s refusal to respond to some key queries related to Cartes’ links to money laundering.

“They hide behind banking secrecy. We inquired about the suspension of Tabesa’s international accounts. We just wanted to document. In an extensive and abusive interpretation according to our advisors. The only thing it does is increase suspicions that there is an omission of money laundering acts at the BNF, ”he said in an interview with 730 AM.


Manuel Ochipintti, president of the National Development Bank (BNF), expressed for his part that they cannot give statements regarding clients of the bank. This, after being asked why they did not provide more details about the cancellation of the Tabesa accounts.

“We cannot give data from legal and physical clients. They asked me for transfer data. They are internal operations of each one. Protected by the banking law that establishes that we can only give data to BCP, Seprelad, the Prosecutor’s Office and to banks with whom we sign internationally”, he stated.

He reaffirmed that the banking law establishes that only some institutions can pass on information.

“The President of the Republic did not give any names of companies. It would be uncooperative if I refuse to pass information to the BCP or the Prosecutor’s Office”, he concluded.

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