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Blockade of BRL 1.72 billion will only affect rapporteur amendments

The blockade of BRL 1.72 billion from the 2022 Budget, announced last week, will only affect rapporteur amendments, the Ministry of Economy recently announced. Six ministries were affected, but the ministry most affected will be the Ministry of Regional Development, which will have R$ 904 million in contingencies.Blockade of BRL 1.72 billion will only affect rapporteur amendments

The presidential decree with the distribution of the contingency by federal agencies was published yesterday (30) at the Official Diary of the Unionbut the details of the cuts by ministries were only released today (31) at night.

The contingency was distributed as follows

Organ Value
Ministry of Regional Development BRL 904,045,379
Ministry of Citizenship BRL 363,254,886
Ministry of Education BRL 200,416,489
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply BRL 196,241,145
defense Ministry BRL 52,108,287
Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights BRL 6,263,015
Source: National Treasure

On the 22nd, the Ministry of Economy blocked BRL 1.72 billion from the 2022 Budget to avoid the spending ceiling burst. At the time, the ministry informed that the contingency would only cover discretionary (non-mandatory) expenditures of the Executive Branch, but the distribution of the cuts still depended on the presidential decree.

The blocking of funds was defined in the Bimonthly Report on the Evaluation of Revenues and Expenses, a document that guides the execution of the Budget sent to the National Congress every two months. By law, the decree detailing the cuts can be issued up to eight days after the report.

This year’s contingency is significantly lower than the R$ 28.9 billion cut in the 2021 Budget. In the first Income and Expenses Assessment Report last year, R$ 19.8 billion in expenses and contingencies were vetoed (definitely cancelled). (temporarily blocked) R$ 9 billion. In the following four months, the blocked amount was fully released.

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