Biobío region: mother and daughter injured by pellets in Tirúa and strangers burn hotel in Quidico

Two acts of violence were recorded early Friday morning in the Biobío region, specifically in the commune of Tirúa and the town of Quidico.

In the attack that occurred in Tirúa, unknown individuals fired at the Carabineros deputy police station in the sector. A 37-year-old woman and her 15-year-old daughter, who live in the vicinity of the establishment, were injured by the impact of pellets. Both were transferred to a care facility, where they are out of vital risk.

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Let us remember that in the early hours of Thursday a group of subjects also attacked the Tirúa police station. This occurred after an inspection of a vehicle, where police officers found firearm ammunition.

In the procedure, two people were arrested and later the unknown persons arrived near the premises.

according to general John Paul Caneohead of the Eighth Police Zone, in the Biobío region, more than 50 people tried to enter the police station to rescue the two detainees.

“Everything that is related to shooting, which is what has to be investigated, apparently was done from a sector further back from where the mass was, shooting into the air, not directly towards the unit,” he commented.

burn hotel

The other attack in the early hours of Friday happened in Quidico. A group of unknown individuals burned down the Hotel Küref, owned by Fernando Fuentealbapresident of the Chilean Foundation for Victims of Terrorism in the South Macrozone.

The hotel had stopped working three years ago and was for sale. This, due to the armed attacks in the area.

“We strongly condemn these new and very serious acts of violence recorded in Tirúa and demand the reinstatement of the rule of law in the Province of Arauco,” the Biobío Regional Government said on its social networks.

“From the Regional Government of Biobío we send our strong support to the victims of these reprehensible acts,” they added.

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