Bill Gates' predictions for the world economy in 2023

Bill Gates’ predictions for the world economy in 2023

The creator of the technology company Microsoft, Bill Gates, has positioned himself as one of the most successful businessmen of the current erastanding out, among other things, for its predictions for the world economy.

At the beginning of 2023, he said that this will be a difficult year by two factors that also characterized the previous year: the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine, which translate into a longer period of time for the world economy to stabilize.

In his blog, Gates wrote: “Russia’s war against Ukraine is inflicting terrible suffering on Eastern Europe, and driving up food and energy prices around the world“.By the way, he explained that rich countries are cutting foreign aid because they need to spend more on the military, support for refugees displaced by war and so on.

Regarding the covid-19 pandemic He said that globally, the number of infections and deaths is low enough that more office workers are on-site at least part of the time, people are wearing masks much less frequently, and major public events are back. . And while it’s great to be away from the acute phase of the pandemic, he is concerned that the population will forget how “horrible it was” and as a consequence not move towards what is necessary to prevent another health crisis.

“If I had to rate the world on its pandemic prevention efforts so far, I would give it an I for incomplete”sentenced.

He also referred to the high price rise: “Inflation is rising and economic growth is slowing. Climate change is causing more frequent extreme weather events. And in the United States, our politics are more polarized than ever.”

That is why he announced that the gates foundation you are investing much more money than before. The tycoon pointed out that his intention is to increase (investment) by 50%. “From almost $6 billion per year before covid, to $9 billion per year by 2026. To help make this increased spending possible, I transferred $20 billion to the foundation’s endowment.“, revealed.

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