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Biden Closes US Ports to Russian Ships, Delivers $800M to Ukraine

MIAMI, United States. — The president of the United States, Joe Biden, announced a new package of measures against Russia, which includes the total closure of US ports to ships affiliated with that country.

In a message issued this Thursday, the president assured that the measure represents “another critical step” to “deny Russia the benefits of the international economic system that it enjoyed so much in the past.”

The US leader also reported that Washington would send a new package of 800 million dollars in military aid to Ukraine that will strengthen the resistance in kyiv and Donbas.

“This package includes heavy artillery weapons, dozens of howitzers, and 144,000 rounds of ammunition for those howitzers. It also includes more tactical drones,” Biden said from the White House.

“We are in a critical window now in which they are going to set the stage for the next phase of this war,” said the president, who called on the international community to maintain support for Ukraine.

In that sense, the president promised that US military aid to kyiv would not run out and warned that he would ask Congress for more funds “to maintain the flow of weapons and ammunition without interruption.”

“Now we have to speed up that aid package to help prepare Ukraine for Russia’s offensive that will be more limited in terms of geography, but not in terms of brutality,” he said.

The Biden Administration also authorized the arrival of up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees in the country, as part of a new program that will allow Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion to come to the United States temporarily if they have American sponsors.

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