Between accusations, jokes and absence of Tere Jiménez, they debate in Aguascalientes

Between accusations, jokes and absence of Tere Jiménez, they debate in Aguascalientes

In the Education, Human Rights and Inclusion segment, Martha Marquezfrom the PT-PVEM alliance, proposed a fund for women entrepreneurs and when asked about the inclusion of people with disabilities, he promised specialized care, the school as a center for problem solving and labor inclusion.

For its part, Nora Ruvalcaba, from Morenathanked the teachers for supporting his party and proposed strengthen the teaching staff, promote science and technology, internet connection, fight against backwardness and increase in teachers’ salaries, as well as their basification.

While Anayeli Muñoz, from Movimiento Ciudadano, assured that if she wins the governorship, she will promote the right to higher education, health and guarantee equality for all people, especially for groups that “have historically been discriminated against.”

“By the way, the contradictions of the PRI-PAN-PRD alliance have already been revealed, on the one hand we have the ultra-right radicals who deny all rights, including education, and on the other hand the left that always fought for more freedoms, but in the middle we have the PRI that persecuted them, murdered them and stole elections from them,” he added.

Finally, Natzielly Rodríguez, from Fuerza por México, proposed strengthening the educational issue in the municipalities of the entity and the east of the capital of Aguascalientes, the most populated and with fewer resources. His proposal, she said, will be “knock on whatever doors are necessary with our President of the Republic, who I am sure will be willing to support Aguascalientes because he is a man who does not hold grudges and hate like Morena’s candidate.”

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