Better diet and physical activity in the face of excess technology and sedentary activities

Better diet and physical activity in the face of excess technology and sedentary activities

A nutritious and adequate diet, accompanied by the practice of physical activity, is essential to prevent the development of obesity and lead a full and happy life.

From the Ministry of Health, a series of recommendations to maintain a lifestyle consistent to the needs that emerge in a context where the excessive technology and sedentary activities are the main risk factors.

The habit of a correct diet, such as carrying out physical activities, are actions that help reduce the possibility of suffering overweight or obesein addition to the development of risk factors.


Eating five times a day is one of the best options:

-Eating food prepared at home, respecting eating schedules and avoiding “snacks” between meals are protective habits so that children and adolescents grow up healthy and strong.

-Children and adolescents who eat breakfast daily, consume a healthy meal at mid-morning, have lunch, snacks and dinner, grow healthier.

-It is recommended avoid all types of screens such as televisions, mobile phones, tablets or others during meals, since they are distracting elements that can predispose to overeating, even when you are not hungry.

-Here are some options that you can take for recess while at school:

Seasonal fruits (they can be whole or in pieces).

Fruit salad (mix up to 3 fruits and without adding sugar).

Vegetable or cheese sandwich.

Hard-boiled egg.

Milk or Yogurt with or without cereals (preferably skimmed and without sugars).

Oatmeal pancakes or cookies.

Pancakes. A

handful of nuts (children over 6 years).

Sleeping well and starting the day with a good breakfast gives joy and energy.

Sleeping 8 to 10 hours of night sleep is essential for the proper development and growth of children and adolescents.

-It’s very important avoid all kinds of electronic devices in the roomsuch as televisions, phones, tablets and other screens, especially 1 to 2 hours before bed.

-After this restful rest, it is necessary to perform the breakfast before leaving the house and prior to daily activities. This practice is associated with better physical and intellectual performance.

-Snacks or school breaks are important, but they do not replace breakfast.

After breakfast, it is important to consume a nutritious and easily digestible food during recess time (mid-morning or mid-afternoon) in schools.

-Allows children and adolescents to: maintain the necessary energy to continue carrying out their school activities and avoid arriving very hungry for the next meal.

Related note: Treatment of obesity must be for life

Physical activities according to age

-Good mood, healthy weight and better performance with one hour a day of any type of physical activity.

-Body movement allows them cope better with stress, as they release tension and by spending more energymanage to maintain weight or lose it, which helps prevent obesity and other chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, among others.

-In addition, being active every day improves mood, increases self-esteem, decreases anxiety and helps to stay away from addiction to tobacco and any other type of drugs.

-Children and adolescents need to perform some type of physical activity daily for an hour in order to counteract sedentary lifestyle and inactivity to stay healthy.

-Best gift for a child or adolescentto increase your level of daily physical activity, it is a bike or a ball, or a game that involves moving. It creates a healthy habit and is an investment in your long-term health.

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