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Beto de la Cruz has the green light to return to the courts

Beto de la Cruz has the green light to return to the courts

Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves, in prison in Spain accused of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old girl in a nightclub bathroom, is awaiting trial. The player is on the lips of most of the Spanish media, especially after his separation from the model Joana Sanz, to whom he would have addressed a letter, allegedly leaked in the last few hours.

The woman announced that decision through her social networks with an extensive handwritten letter which he posted on his Instagram account. Now, a week later, Dani Alves’ response came to light.

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The Antena 3 television program had access to the alleged letter from the Brazilian which, like Sanz did, was also written by hand: “My dear Joanna. They were almost 8 years of much love, affection, respect and mutual care. In particular the last few years by your side everything seems easier and more pleasant”.

“From the first minute we started a life together. We accompanied each other all those years. Strengthening and pampering each other’s lives. Now, in these difficult moments, I regret your decision and I hope that life gives us another chance to love you again.”continued Dani Alves.

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“I understand the pain that the unfair situation we are experiencing is causing and I understand that you have not been able to withstand all that pressure. The facts of which I am accused are alien to me, and to the values ​​that have guided my life: love, respect and effort”, assured the former Barcelona soccer player.

Howeverthe same program confirmed that “Joana Sanz did not know of the existence of the letter, but she did know of its content. she continues to maintain daily phone contact with him.

Once the letter was read live, The model communicated with the program through an audio in which she limited herself to saying that she would not make public statements and that, if he had to, he would do it through his Instagram account.

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Hours later, Joana Sanz published a suggestive story in which she could be heard saying: “Well, it seems that some are into exclusives, but others are still fine and elegant. We keep working, my people.”

The Spanish press, like her, believe that the objective of Dani Alves, advised by his defense, was to publish the letter on television and they considered that it was written with a tone similar to a statement and not to a private love letter to his wife.

Alves is being held in a module for sexual offenders, awaiting the arguments of the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office to bring him to trial.

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