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Berilo Case: Judge Pedrozo confirmed in the case of “Cucho” Cabaña

In the bed of the Lambaré stream they found the body of a person, the body shows an advanced state of decomposition.

Some recyclers who were in the area, collecting elements to market, indicated that they saw the body and notified the jurisdictional police station.

Due to the decomposed state, the sex of the unfortunate person cannot be determined with the naked eye.

Criminalistics agents of the Police transferred the body to the morgue of the Judiciary to determine the cause of death and define the identity.

Commissioner Pedro Molinas, deputy chief of the 8th Police Station in Asunción, stated that there is no report of a disappearance of a person within that jurisdiction.

Near the site where the body was found, bags containing clothing for men and women were also found, presumably belonging to the person who lost his life.

It should be noted that two months ago, the body of a person was also found on the Asunción waterfront. In an advanced state of decomposition, there was no claim, and the identity of the deceased was not verified.

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