Bergara clarified that the 2014 decree did not oblige the Foreign Ministry to give Marset the passport

Senator Mario Bergara.
Senator Mario Bergara.

Bergara will be the questioning member, next Monday, of the ministers Francisco Bustillo (Foreign Relations) and Luis Alberto Heber (Interior) for having granted the Uruguayan pass to Marset, when he was detained in Dubai for carrying a false Paraguayan passport.

In the last few hours, the legislator said that he will not use the video in which the alleged Marset refers to his actions, defining responsibilities in criminal matters.

“In the interpellation it is not up to us to define if he is or is not a drug trafficker, or if he participated or not in this or that murder, because that is the responsibility of the Police and Justice of Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia; It is not our role in the Legislative field,” said the parliamentarian.

He stressed that the focus of the interpellation will be on Ministers Bustillo and Heber “explaining their actions on a matter of political responsibilities, not even in legality or that no rule has been violated.”

“We will focus on the complex circumstances of a person who was imprisoned abroad for carrying a false document, who has a profuse criminal record, and who was being investigated internationally, with the participation of the Uruguayan Ministry of the Interior, the Drug Control Administration (DEA) and Paraguayan authorities, and received the passport in Dubai quickly and with a ‘sui generis’ delivery. Document that allowed him to leave the Emirates and he is currently a fugitive from international justice,” she said.


Bergara stated that Minister Heber always puts his own feeling, in this case that of “indignation”, for the case, “but this does not happen because of what he feels or does not feel.”

The legislator indicated that it is not true that Marset was given a passport by the 2014 decree, which did not disqualify them from giving it to him, but neither did it force him to be granted it.

“In the issuance of the document there are decisions of the ministers involved. The same decree says that in the face of unforeseen circumstances, the issuance of the document will be delegated to the considerations made by the ministries of: Foreign Ministry for passports abroad, or Interior for within borders, ”said the MP.

Bergara stressed that in the case of Marset “we were facing a complex circumstance, of a person with a criminal record, who is being investigated internationally and who was imprisoned for a false passport.”

“Wow, if it had merited additional considerations and a more cautious, in-depth and prudent evaluation of the situation!, as was suggested by the professionals of the Consular Service who asked for explicit instructions in a case that merited greater prudence and caution, and not to issue a passport in record time and in an unusual way,” he said.

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