Beijing criticizes millionaire anti-Chinese plan of the G7

Beijing criticizes millionaire anti-Chinese plan of the G7

The countries of the Group of Seven, meeting in Germany, launched an ambitious program to raise 600 billion dollars to counter China’s initiative of the Belt and Road of the Silk, which Chinese President Xi Jinping launched some years ago.

About, The Chinese Foreign Ministry denounced thatEU while the world is struggling for economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic, the G7 it is not dedicated to unity or cooperation, but is willing to create divisions and confrontations without any sense of responsibility or morality.

Western interference was not limited to this alone. The G7 asserted that Beijing must pressure Russia to end its special military operation in Ukraine, which also faced condemnation from China, which, denouncing the West’s arms supply to Ukraine, said that anti-Russian sanctions cannot solve the crisis. .

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, responded to the enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and its growing involvement in the Ukraine conflict. He said Beijing urges the body to learn its lessons and stop trying to launch a new cold war.

Beijing has repeatedly denounced that Western countries, particularly those of NATO, exaggerate in various ways the supposed “Chinese threat” and use the legitimate interests of the Asian country to create confrontations, so it has expressed that the Atlantic Alliance should stop its anachronistic security doctrine based on provoking confrontations and generating tensions not only in Europe, but also in the Asia-Pacific region.

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