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Beer truck accident caused traffic in Quito

Beer truck accident caused traffic in Quito

The road accident occurred on Simón Bolívar Avenue, one of the most dangerous roads in the capital. The artery is already enabled.

This February 17, 2022, a beer truck suffered a accident on the Simon Bolivar Avenueat the height of the Perla Quiteña sector.

The event left a large amount of glass debris scattered, which caused the closure of three lanes of the avenue in the north-south direction. This caused, in turn, traffic in the artery that borders Quito along its eastern flank and connecting to its northern and southern ends.

It was reported that there were no victims due to the incident and that personnel from the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) arrived at the site and carried out the removal and cleaning of the road to resume normal circulation in the area.

The Fire Department of Quito reported that the road is enabled. (AVV)


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