Beatriz Napoles Morales, the young woman who disappeared in Mayabeque, is found lifeless

Beatriz Napoles Morales, the young woman who disappeared in Mayabeque, is found lifeless

This Saturday afternoon, the lifeless body of Beatriz Nápoles Morales, the young disappeared on July 14. “An irreparable loss, taking an innocent human being from his youth,” he posted on his Facebook account, Lindbergh Ferrales Codfishwho works in the Provincial Youth Club of Mayabeque.

Odalis Baluja, teaching deputy director of the Vegueritos Children’s Circle, recalled that on July 14, Napoles left her house in the direction of the San Antonio de las Vegas Children’s Circle, where she worked, but “she did not arrive, she disappeared.” After nine days of searching “today (Saturday) her murdered body appears, a horror.”

The body of Napoles was found in Nazareno, municipality of San José de las Lajas, by “some peasants who took the cows to graze,” according to user Dawry Ramos.

The relatives of Napoles denounced his absence before the Police on July 14; however, the authorities did not activate an investigation into his disappearance at that time, since the protocol indicates that more than 72 hours must have passed.

Napoles left his house in the direction of the Children’s Circle of San Antonio de las Vegas, where he worked, but “he did not arrive, he disappeared”

the feminist magazine Tense Wings issued an alert about the disappearance of Naples on July 17. Meanwhile, close friends of the young mother and relatives began the search on their own, which revealed that Beatriz’s cell phone was reachable until approximately 10 pm on July 14, in Güines.

The day after the disappearance, the cell phone was located in Nueva Paz. “Then it went out and on July 16 there was news that the phone was ringing and the location it gave was in La Sirenita, Matanzas,” he published. Tense Wings.

So far there is no information about any detainee. Ferrales made known the gratitude of the family for “every note of hope and the concern of all those who showed solidarity since hearing the news,” hoping that “justice will be done in the face of such a horrendous crime.”

The playwright Yerandy Fleites questioned through his social networks: “How long will the disappeared in Cuba? How long will the inability of the Ministry of the Interior to operate effectively against crime?”

The playwright Yerandy Fleites questioned through his social networks: “How long will the disappeared in Cuba?”

Fleites, brother of Yeniset Rojas Perez who disappeared on March 14 in Villa Clara, “more than 2,976 hours and counting,” expressed his annoyance: “It is that they have the wrong notion of crime, the place where crime really occurs, where it is really happening.”

He lamented that the disappearances are a “horror that has become almost an everyday issue.” In addition to noting that the lifeless body of a woman had just been located, which would be that of Beatriz Nápoles, and a child had disappeared.

“Do we have to learn to live in fear? The point, sensitive fellows, is that criminals are operating freely today, tomorrow, at any time, and you and we are helpless against them.”

Activist groups like Tense WingsYo Sí Te Creo en Cuba and the Cuban Women’s Network have pointed out that “the Cuban State, in addition to not classifying gender-based violence as a crime, has marked inequality gaps between women in independent civil society and the rest of the population “.

Although the Penal Code approved by the Cuban Parliament last May contemplates gender-based violence, the crime of femicide is not defined.


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