BC will have an exclusive website for consulting the receivables system

BC will have an exclusive website for consulting the receivables system

The Central Bank informed today (7) that consultations with the Values ​​Receivable System (SRV) will be resumed through an exclusive website for this purpose, in next day 14.BC will have an exclusive website for consulting the receivables system

The objective is to prevent the large number of accesses from putting at risk the site of the BC itself, as happened last month, when unexpected demand of accesses to the SRV brought down the site from BC

With the exclusive website, every citizen’s relationship with the system will be through the website valorareceber.bcb.gov.brit is not possible to “consult or request values” on the BC main page on the internet, nor within the Registrato system.

“At the time of consultation at valorareceber.bcb.gov.br, the citizen will know if he has value to receive and, if so, he will receive the date to know these values ​​and request their transfer, starting on March 7, 2022”, he informed. the BC when recommending that the citizen consult the page, on the informed date.

If, for some reason, the interested party misses the date, they can make a new appointment at any time to receive a new appointment date. On the website there is a step-by-step guide with all the necessary information to redeem the values.

“Citizens never lose the right to values ​​in their name. Financial institutions will keep these resources for as long as necessary, waiting until the citizen requests the return”, says the BC note.

Also according to the bank, to access the Values ​​Receivable System it is necessary that the interested party has a silver or gold level registration on the gov.br website. Registration can be done free of charge through the gov.br application or through the internet. to access the site, click here.


The BC warns about the risk of some scams that can be applied. The service will not be available on any other website. In addition, telephone contacts will not be made or emails sent. links for people, to deal with amounts receivable or to confirm personal data.

“No one is authorized to contact the citizen on behalf of the Central Bank or the Values ​​Receivable System. Therefore, the citizen should never click on links suspects sent by email, SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram”, informs the bank, stating that no payment should be made in order to have access to the values.

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