Barça has another nice goal from Julián Álvarez to schedule

Barça has another nice goal from Julián Álvarez to schedule

If Barcelona is looking for more signs to decide to advance for the forward-feeling of Argentine football, surely in these hours he added arguments to believe that Julian Alvarez It can be a very good option to reinforce the attack. It is that he returned to give away one of those goals that impact, something that in recent months has turned into a healthy habit.

River, already champion for a couple of dates, closed the league in Tucumán. Marcelo gallardo he had chosen to form a substitute team, which was losing 1-0 against Atlético. Then, at halftime, the Doll sent a couple of starters to the field who were among the substitutes. One of them, Julián Álvarez.

The Cordoba born 21 years ago in Calchín, at 16 in the second half, ran at full speed to reach a long ball, entered the area from the left and, from a wide open position, although goalkeeper Cristian Lucchetti covered the first post. , drew a shocking left foot that pierced that opposition and got well up.

After, Julian Alvarez once again demonstrated his versatility to define. You have no problem solving with both profiles. That is why many times their goals impact. Suddenly, with the right or the left, he takes the goal scorer. He can also gain speed, or disarm defenders with a dribble, or hit the area from the outside with precision, or shout a goal capturing a rebound purely opportunism or just location. For something Lionel scaloni Some time ago he included it in the citations of the Argentine National Team.

If nothing strange happens, today Julian Alvarez He will be confirmed as the top scorer in the Argentine league. With his definition against Atlético Tucumán, he reached 18 goals in the tournament. In order not to be first only in the scorers’ ranking, today José Sand should score a triplet, who until now has accumulated 15 celebrations and who this afternoon will start at Lanús who will visit Defense and Justice.

Julián Alvarez’s numbers in the Argentine league that will close today are astonishing. The 18 goals were celebrated in 21 games. In addition, he accumulated 6 assists. Of course, his final stretch of the championship was brutal: 17 of the 18 shouts and 5 of the 6 passes-goals crowned them in the last 14 rounds. Considering the entire season of the 21-year-old youth, the statistics show 22 goals and 14 assists in 45 games.

Julian Alvarez he is one of the footballers that Barcelona has been observing in this quest to reinforce its offensive map. Some rumors in the last hours indicated in Argentina that emissaries from the Blaugrana club would arrive in Buenos Aires in the next few hours to speed up the negotiations. However, from River and from the scorer’s own environment they claimed to be unaware of this possibility and were surprised.

The forward has a contract with River until December 31, 2022, with an exit clause of 20 million euros. The millionaire leaders assure that they will not negotiate for a lower figure, knowing that not only Barcelona is interested. Too Julian Alvarez It is on the agenda of Juventus, Inter, Milan, Fiorentina, Bayer Leverkusen and Real Madrid, where he had done a test at age 11 but did not stay for family reasons.

To this fantastic 2021 of Julian Alvarez He only has one game left, the final on Saturday 18 against Colón for the Champions Trophy. In River they already know that it could be their farewell …

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