Bapro extended the transfer of offices to house a subsidiary of Abuelas in Mar del Plata

Bapro extended the transfer of offices to house a subsidiary of Abuelas in Mar del Plata

Estela de Carlotto and Axel Kicillof led the act. (Photo: PBA Press)

The Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kicilloheaded this Monday the act of extension of the assignment in loan of offices of the Bank of the province of Buenos Aires (Bapro) in Mar del Plata, where the subsidiary of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo in that city.

During the event that took place in La Plata, Kicillof was accompanied by the president of the Bank, Juan Cuattromo; the Buenos Aires Government Minister, Cristina Alvarez Rodriguez; the president of the Plaza de Mayo Grandmothers Association, Carlotto’s Steleand its co-founder, Delia Giovanola.

And he stressed that it is a “memory space that when we assumed it was completely abandoned, although one thinks that there are things that are already discussed and won, we have gone through four years in which we tried to work again on oblivion“, he added.

It is a 60-square-meter building located in the Mar del Plata Departmental House of the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires, which the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo Association has used since 2015 but whose contract had expired.

From this extension of the loan, the human rights organization will carry out repairs in the electrical installations, floors, ceilings and offices; to be able to move its local subsidiary there.

Carlotto thanked the transfer of the offices in Mar del Plata “on behalf of Grandmothers, of our people, and of 30,000 people who are not here and 300 grandchildren who must be helped to find their identity”, and stated: “This seems little because it is a space, but the accompaniment of Banco Provincia is great news so that grandchildren can be found in Mar del Plata and truth and justice are upheld”.

The event was held in the city of La Plata PBA Press Photo
The act took place in the city of La Plata. (Photo: PBA Press)

Meanwhile, Delia Giovanola remembered her son Jorge Ogando and her granddaughter Virginia, who were employees of Banco Provincia, and highlighted: “I am at a friend bank, a bank that has accompanied me for almost my entire life, first as a client and then starting the search for my grandson Martín, supporting and accompanying the Grandmothers at all times”.

“These actions are what make the Banco de la Provincia a public entity that not only deals with financial policies but is at the service of the well-being of citizens,” Kicillof stressed and concluded: “To think about the future of the province, we are obliged to recover and remember the past with memory”.

The subsidiary of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo in Mar del Plata is the head of the “Network for Identity” in the region and in much of Patagonia, at the same time that it constitutes a central point of reference in the search for and restitution of identity appropriate boys and girls during the last civic-military dictatorship.

There, interviews are carried out with people who have doubts about their identity and also the taking of genetic samples for cross-breeding with the National Genetic Data Bank.

Thanks to the work of the association, 130 grandsons and granddaughters have already recovered their identity.

Martín Ogando, who recovered his identity in 2015, was the 118th recovered grandson.

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