Banorte starts the week with a stumble on the BMV

Banorte starts the week with a stumble on the BMV

And it was just on Friday, April 22, when the shares rebounded 8.17% after executives said that they will enter the data that Citi made available to those interested in buying Banamex assets.

The price of Banorte papers is still far from the 160.93 pesos that they reached on March 18.

Marcos Ramírez, CEO of Grupo Financiero Banorte, commented last week that the directors will meet in the following days to analyze the offer of Banamex assets.

Regarding the proposal they made in March to invite Mexicans to help buy a little piece of Banamex, the director said that it was an invitation for people to buy Banorte shares so that later they could buy Banamex.

“If a Mexican wants to buy Banorte shares, it is totally allowed, they can go to any brokerage house and open a contract to do so. What we are doing is an invitation for them to join in buying Banorte shares. We believe it is a good bank and has a life of its own, regardless of whether they buy other assets,” he said.

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