Banfield thrashed an alternative Boca in La Bombonera

Banfield thrashed an alternative Boca in La Bombonera

Photo: Julian Alvarez.

@CJSThe alternative team that Boca Juniors presented was dominated and beaten by Banfield, who won 3-0, at the Bombonera, in a match valid for the sixth round of the Professional Soccer League.

Giuliano Galoppo and Ramiro Enrique twice, in the first half, achieved the broad and well-deserved success of “Drill”, in the third time they beat “xeneize” in their own home by 3 to 0 in all history.

With this victory, those from the south of Greater Buenos Aires stringed together 4 matches without defeats, with three wins and one draw. On the other hand, those from Ribera accumulated 3 without winning, with two defeats in the local tournament and a draw in Brazil against Corinthians for the Libertadores.

On this occasion, Boca presented an alternative line-up by prioritizing precisely the rematch with Corinthians, after the goalless draw in the first leg of the Copa Libertadores round of 16, which will be played next Tuesday at 9:30 p.m., in the Bombonera.

In this way, those who usually enter from the bank had the privilege of wearing the new shirt, which made many Boca residents very nostalgic as it is a retro model, similar to the one worn by Boca champion of the 1992 Apertura tournament, led by the technical director Óscar Tabarez.

T-shirt with the traditional colors: mostly blue with a horizontal stripe and a gold collar and without any type of advertising, as in those times.

Regarding the development of the match, the host assumed the corresponding role with possession of the ball and some deep advances that forced the visit to delay to endure that initial onslaught.

After the first 10 minutes, Banfield settled better on the field and began to dare to rehearse offensive plays, clearer than those that Boca had proposed in the first passages.

So much so that in a breakaway by Ramiro Enrique, on the right, the ‘Drill’ was about to lose its level, but a wrong decision by the striker when facing goalkeeper Javier García deprived him of the celebration, at 13 minutes.

Later, the “xeneize” had a very favorable situation through a header by Nicolás Orsini, which forced Enrique Bologna to make a remarkable reaction to deflect the ball over the crossbar, at 19 minutes.

Of course, the “albiverdes” were not daunted by this, on the contrary, they began to predominate in the gestation zone and generate serious fissures in the local defense and thus achieved the opening.

Enrique, after an assist from Nicolás Domingo, overflowed to the right and took out a low center that Galoppo defined with a “half scissors” to leave García without a chance, in the 21st minute.

Faced with a blurred, messy Boca with few ideas, with the aggravating circumstance of little filming, almost none of the pair of defenders due to different circumstances: Gabriel Aranda arrived from an injury and they rushed him to play; At the same time, Gastón Avila did not play in the entire tournament nor was he focused because he did not want to extend his contract.

On this occasion, Sebastián Battaglia turned to them because Carlos Izquierdoz and Carlos Zambrano are suspended; Jorge Figal, injured; and he did not want to risk Marcos Rojo. Thus, those led by Claudio Vivas knew how to take advantage of the night to continue growing in their actions and find greater breadth in their advantage.

What he achieved in Enrique’s double scoring, with two lightning tackles, in which on those occasions he did know how to define them, first after a creeping center by Agustín Urzi, in the 34th minute, and then with Galoppo’s filtered pass between the opposing central defenders, at 38.

Despite some adjustments that Battaglia tried to implement, his team improved little or nothing in the complement, so the “Drill” continued to manage the game and the times.

While the development was bumpy because Esteban Rolón must have been injured in Boca, due to a muscle condition (replaced by Jorman Campuzano, 25 min-)

At the same time, Banfield suffered two casualties: Dylan Gissi, due to an overload in the calves (Luis Del Pino Mago entered, 13 min), and Matías González, due to a problem in his left knee (Matías Romero entered, 31 min).

Only in the last 10 minutes did the host generate a couple of situations to discount, both due to free throws; the first executed by Gastón Ávila and the other, by Aaron Molinas, who offered the brilliance of Bologna by deflecting both shots directed to the left corner.

For the seventh date, Boca will visit San Lorenzo on Saturday 9 at 3:30 p.m.; Meanwhile, on the same day but at 6:00 p.m., Banfield will receive Unión, from Santa Fe.

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