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An auto parts industry, which employs 1,300 young people and exports US$40 million a year, plans to expand its operations and its hired personnel.

Executives of the auto parts company, sultrywhich exports auto parts to Brazil and the US for a prestigious vehicle brand, for more than 40 million dollars per year and employs some 1,300 young people, met with the Minister of Industry and Commerce (MIC), Luis Alberto Castiglioni, with the purpose of communicating the intention of expand its operations in the industrial plant qIt is located on the premises of the Industrial Park “Mariscal Francisco Solano López”, in Capiatá.

The vice president of Sumidenso of Brazil, Kanji Yasunagaarrived in the country, with the objective of meeting with the head of the MIC and the authorities of the state institution, to thank the support provided by the National Government, through the present administration of the MIC, which resulted in the well-being and employment of many young people in the industrial plant.

At the work meeting, Minister Castiglioni appreciated the work done by Sumidenso in the country and the effort made to export auto parts thanks to the national workforce. He told the vice president of Sumidenso that He is confident that the incoming government will continue with the investment projects underway.

The Vice Minister of Industry, Francisco Ruiz Diazhighlighted that the manager of the auto parts company informed Minister Castiglioni that the company is in a recovery process after the pandemic, and even with hiring 1,300 workers.

“In an evaluation they carried out, they mentioned that 80% of the workforce employed has more than 5 years of seniority, and, therefore, they are very happy with the fact that the job turnover rate in the company is very low, and workers are very faithful”, he remarked.

The president of Almasol, Javier Giménez, was present, with whom they discussed issues related to the modernization of the industrial park, where the auto parts company is located. Regarding this point, the Vice Minister of Industry pointed out that the Mariscal López Industrial Park has some 40 hectares and that it is under the administration of the company Almasol.

“The directors of Sumidenso came to present a proposal to be able to develop, provide a modern, comfortable, satisfactory infrastructure for companies, in order to have a more aggressive attraction policy, and receive a greater number of investors. These proposals already have to be based on a new contract with the company, and it is basically what has to be presented to the incoming administration. They presented to the Minister the great ideas they have regarding the development in the coming months”, he indicated.

Likewise, he mentioned that Sumidenso managers are satisfied with the current production and agree to strengthen the infrastructure within the industrial park. “If these improvements are achieved, they are thinking about the possibility of having a broad operating horizon, with a new contract. At the same time, we hope that more companies like Sumidenso will establish themselves in this park”, he affirmed.

The Vice Minister of Industry, Ruiz Díaz pointed out that the auto parts company is planning increase its sales in Argentina, taking into account that it is one of the national industries that produces auto parts and exports to Brazil, for a very prestigious line of Japanese brand cars that are manufactured in the USA. “Everything produced by the Paraguayan company is integrated into the final assembly line in the US to produce this brand,” he added.

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