Banco Agrícola advierte desafíos para garantizar producción alimentos  

Banco Agrícola warns of challenges to guarantee food production

The administrator of Agricultural Bank (Bagricola), Fernando Duransaid that the institutions of the agricultural sector face unprecedented challenges in their mission to guarantee the production and supply of food, in this post-pandemic era.

He said that thanks to the financial support of the president Louis Abinaderthe Bagrícola it is putting in the hands of the peasants fresh resources that have made it possible to capitalize on the countryside in these difficult times, revalue the producer and guarantee the food security of the country.

Currently, this institution has a portfolio of almost RD$44,000 million and is benefiting more than 32,000 producers.

Part of the public that attended the religious act. In the foreground, the manager of Bagrícola, Fernando Durán; the Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz and the Deputy General Administrator, Gloria Fulcar.

Through the zero-rate financing program, it has formalized more than RD$8,000 million, benefiting more than 4,000 producers.

Durán spoke in those terms at the end of the commemorative mass of the 77th anniversary of the founding of that financial institution, in the Cathedral of Santo Domingo.

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The activity was attended limber crossthe Minister of Agriculture; Catalino Correacomptroller general of the Republic; Ivan Hernandez Guzmandirector of Price Stabilization Institute (INESPRE); Olmedo Cabadirector of National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INDRHI)among other officials.

Durán said that he thanks the head of state for the financial support he offers to agricultural producers through the Agricultural Bank, to whom he dedicates a great deal of time, with commitment and enthusiasm.

“It is the right occasion to thank the members of the Agricultural Cabinet headed by our friend Limber Cruz for having made the Agricultural Bank a key part of the agricultural policy of the government chaired by Luis Abinader,” he said.

Banco Agrícola warns of challenges to guarantee food production
The administrator of Bagrícola, Fernando Durán, accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz; the Comptroller General of the Republic, Catalino Correa; the general deputy administrator of the financial entity, Gloria Fulcar and the deputy administrator, Juan Rosario.

Durán spoke accompanied by the general deputy administrator of Bagrícola, Gloria Fulcar; the deputy administrators Juan Rosario and Víctor García, as well as the members of the institution’s executive board, Persio Cándido Cruz Pichardo; Arismendy de Jesus Almonte; Bernardo Sánchez Rosario and Francisco Lionis Fernández.

The mass, which was attended by departmental directors and employees of the financial institution, was officiated by Monsignor Raúl Berzosa, a missionary bishop in the Dominican Republic.

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Later, the Bagrícola staff deposited a floral offering at the Altar of the Fatherland, on the occasion of the anniversary of the credit organization.

“The Agricultural Bank celebrates 77 years of being founded, with many contributions and contributions to the development of our Nation. We have come to thank God for allowing this institution, with its lights and shadows, like any human work, to remain the main source of financial services for Dominican agriculture,” said the Bagrícola administrator.

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