Condemn expressions of Wilmar Elera on rape complaint against Freddy Díaz

Bancada de Somos Perú will present a replacement for Wilmar Elera for the third vice-presidency of Congress

The bench of announced that he will present a replacement for Congressman Wilmar Elera for the Third Vice Presidency of the Board of Directors of Parliament, after the resignation of said legislator to said position.

Through its social networks, the parliamentary group also indicated that it hopes to consolidate the correlation with the benches that supported it to reach the votes in the last elections of the Board of Directors.

The parliamentary group Somos Perú will present the replacement of congressman Wilmar Elera to occupy the position of third vice president of the Board of Directors of the Congress of the Republic”, the bench wrote on its Twitter account.

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In this sense, we hope to consolidate the correlation of the democratic forces that managed to reach the required votes to win the 2022-2023 Board of Directors elections, as indicated by the background and parliamentary hermeneutics.”, he added.

Previously, through an official letter addressed to the president of Congress, Lady Camones (Alliance for Progress), Elera García announced her resignation from the position she held on the Board of Directors.

I have the pleasure of writing to you to inform you of my resignation from the Third Vice Presidency in the Board of Directors of this Congress of the Republicfor which I was validly elected in parliamentary elections on July 26 of the current year”, the document reads.

Next, the legislator explained that his decision is due to the fact that, this Tuesday, Judge Ronald Soto Cortez, of the Seventh Unipersonal Criminal Court Specialized in Corruption Crimes of Officials, sentenced him to six years in prison for the commission of the crime of aggravated collusion .

Keep in mind, Madam President, that we are not in the case of article 25 ab initio, of the Congress regulations, of a conviction with a final sentence, since even in the eventuality I will go to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic, and to the Constitutional Court in defense of my fundamental rights”, he said about it.


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