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At the end of this day a cold front enters

The Meteorology Directorate warns of the incursion of a cold front at the end of today, Wednesday, with winds rotating to the southern sector.

Meteorologist Carolina López predicts that this Wednesday there will be a fairly cloudy environment for the center, south of the Eastern region and west – south of the Western region. The maximum temperature will range between 26 to 32 °C for the center, south – east of the Eastern region, while for the rest of the country and the Chaco between 33 to 36 °C inclusive.

The winds will blow for much of the day from the north-northeast sector, but it is expected that at the end of the day the wind will rotate to the south sector due to the incursion of a cold front that will initially manifest itself in the southwest of the Eastern region with probabilities of scattered showers and occasional thunderstorms in a timely manner.

Probability of rains with occasional punctually strong thunderstorms for Thursday 04

The entry of the cold front over the national territory would favor an increase in the probability of rains with occasional punctually strong electrical storms in a large part of the Eastern region and the lower Chaco, first from the south, to later cover other parts of the country in the course of time. of the day with moderate winds from the southern sector, bringing with it a marked drop in temperature, particularly in the afternoon.
The maximum temperatures would oscillate around 18 to 24 °C for the center, south-east of the Eastern region and west of the Western region, while for the north of both regions it would range between 25 to 33 °C.

Low temperatures for Friday 05

For this day, Friday 05, it would dawn with a minimum temperature between 10 and 14 °C in the center, south and east of the Eastern region and for the rest of the country around 16 and 19 °C. The sky would be predominantly cloudy and scattered rains would persist for the extreme northeast of both regions. The maximum temperatures would range between 19 and 25 °C throughout the national territory, with prevailing winds from the southeast sector.

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