Ballot boxes have 100% approval in new integrity test, says TSE

Ballot boxes have 100% approval in new integrity test, says TSE

The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Minister Alexandre de Moraes, said today (6) that all 641 electronic voting machines submitted to the integrity test on the day of the first round did not show divergence of results. Ballot boxes have 100% approval in new integrity test, says TSE

The tests, which are filmed, consist of a kind of fictitious voting, in which TSE servers cast, at the same time, equal and already known votes in an electronic and a canvas ballot box. Then, a check is made to see if the bulletin issued by the equipment corresponds exactly to the paper votes.

This year, the TSE conducted the integrity test, always carried out on the voting day itself, in 641 electronic voting machines, which were drawn or chosen by the election monitoring entities or by the parties.

“How could it only happen, [em] all polls matched the votes cast with the votes cast on paper. Remembering that the integrity test is filmed in full to compare the votes on paper, which are filled in previously, and typed at the time of the integrity test by the Electoral Justice servers”, said Moraes during a plenary session at the TSE.

According to Moraes, the report with the test results will be released this Thursday. The president of the TSE stressed that the polls that were tested using the biometrics of real voters also did not malfunction.

“493 volunteers participated. Likewise, there was no divergence, 100% approval of the integrity test with biometrics”, said Moraes.

The test carried out with the biometrics of real and voluntary voters was carried out at the suggestion of the Armed Forces, one of the supervisory entities of the electoral process.

Through the pilot project, voters were approached by poll workers who asked if they would grant their biometric identification to unlock the polls before the fictitious votes were deposited by Electoral Justice officials.

According to the TSE, there was no resistance from voters in collaborating with the tests, after being assured that the procedure would in no way influence the secrecy of the real vote cast by them in the electronic ballot box.

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