Balance of the CAME: "It was a successful weekend in tourism"

Photo Eugenia Neme
Photo Eugenia Neme.

The Secretary of Tourism of the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME), Gregorio Werchowassured that “it was a successful weekend in terms of tourism”, and highlighted that the movement of people for the holiday on Monday “generated $20,000 million in regional economies”.

In statements made this Tuesday to Radio Provincia, the leader stated that “It was a successful weekend despite the fact that 15 days ago we finished the winter vacation period”.

“We had a lot of tourist mobilization -added Werchow-. In almost all places there were cultural, scientific, sports, social events, which served as a pretext to mobilize people. The emerging and consolidated places have worked well”, he assured.

Photo Eugenia Neme
Photo Eugenia Neme.

In turn, Werchow stressed that “snow places have been the most convening and are the ones with the greatest weighting in terms of spending.” In this context, he reported that “The national average gave us $7,000 per day per person for the tourist, and $2,500 for the hiker”.

In addition, he specified that “we have noticed an increase in the average overnight stay”, because “in both 2021 and 2019 it was 2.3 and this time 2.5”.

Then, he argued that “this increase, both in the average stay and in spending, is due to the incidence of foreign tourists,” and stressed that this weekend “has left an impact on regional economies of $20,000 million.”

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