Bahillo: "Hombrear the half beef ends in Argentina"

Bahillo: "Hombrear the half beef ends in Argentina"

Secretary of Agriculture, Juan José Bahillo / Photo: Pablo Añeli.

The Secretary of Agriculture, Juan José Bahillo, affirmed that he is not going to renounce the chopping of beef and that “shouldering the half beef ends” in the country, beyond the fact that this week the repeal of the Resolution that established the retail marketing of beef in pieces under 32 kilos.

“We are working in the technical table with the provincial governments, understanding that we have to coordinate and generate common points and decisions, without losing sight of the fact that the division is coming,” Bahillo said this morning in statements to Radio La Red.

At the same time, he maintained: “We are not going to give up chopping for a matter of quality of life and health of the workers, who cannot continue struggling with half cattle.”

It is necessary to put it back into analysis and move forward on whether there are mechanical means, what is the maximum limit that a worker can manipulate, the categories of mechanical means, but shouldering the media res is finished”, the official pointed out.

This week, after a meeting with the provinces in the framework of the Meat Technical Table, it was defined that Agriculture will repeal Resolution 22/2021, which was to come into force from next January 15.

In this sense, Bahillo elaborated: “What the provincial governments and the private sector are proposing is the chamber system, the chamber capacity and seasonality”, which “changes the logistics and gives them time to adapt these issues, but not to question the underlying measure,” he stated.

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In the meantime, the official concluded, “the discussion is whether we continue to market beef as 150 years ago or we market beef as the sanitary and bromatological conditions and the health of the worker and the consumer demand.”

dairy impulse

On the other hand, Bahillo referred to the ‘Impulso Tambero’ program, which was announced this Friday by the Economy Minister, Sergio Massa, which will give Monetary assistance to producers in a sector that “it is in a critical period for three consecutive years of drought,” although “the prospects are encouraging,” he said.

“With this measure we intend to strengthen the dairy farmers with resources so that they have some more tools to make a silo or plant corn for their reserves,” said the official.

He also stressed that from this program “the producer is reached directly, effectively and quickly, unlike the removal of withholdings” and what is currently necessary is to “impact the situation,” he concluded.

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