Bahía Blanca: the trial of 38 soldiers and police officers for crimes against humanity begins

Bahía Blanca: the trial of 38 soldiers and police officers for crimes against humanity begins

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An Oral Court in the Federal White Bay The trial for which they are accused will begin this Thursday 38 members of different armed and security forcesaccused of committing crimes against humanity against 270 victimsjudicial sources reported. It is estimated that they will declare 300 witnesses.

The Oral Court, made up of judges Ernesto Sebastián, Sebastián Foglia and Marcos Aguerrido, is in charge of the debate within the framework of the so-called “Zone V Megacause” that covered the south of Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Río Negro and the Patagonian region.

The debate will begin at 9 o’clock and by decision of the Court it will take place in the hearing room located at the headquarters of Chiclana and Lavalle, and not as happened in other debates in the Great Hall of the National University of the South.

Judicial sources indicated to Télam that “taking into account the health issue resulting from the pandemic still in force, the number of parties to this process as witnesses who have to testify, the mode of debate that is necessarily imposed is the “virtual“, or “telematic“, by videoconference through the digital platform zoom“.

“The hearings will take place on Thursdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. with the possibility of adding a complementary date on another day of the week to the extent possible and taking into account the availability of the agenda of the Judges of this Court. and the substitute judge,” the Court said during a resolution on February 10.

In addition, the magistrates indicated that “without prejudice to the established modality, the parties are informed that attendance will be evaluated in the Hearing room of said Court for certain proceedings, provided that the circumstances of the case warrant it and are duly justified.”

It was also indicated that Access will be enabled for people interested in hearing the debate directly at the Court’s headquarters, where a live projection system of the audience in the Hall, with a screen and chairs, will be added to the Courtroom.

“In the same way, in response to the public interest that a trial of this magnitude arouses, a simultaneous screening of the audience also in the Aula Magna of the building of the Universidad Nacional del Sur located at Avenida Colón 80,” the sources added.

This is the eighth consecutive trial for crimes against humanity to be held in the city, since its inception in 2011.

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