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B-Day 2022: an opportunity to leave your mark on the planet

Under the motto More brands, fewer footprints, on October 21, Sistema B Paraguay and ASU + B will celebrate B Day 2022, an event recognized for presenting topics related to socio-environmental innovation in business, the triple impact of results and the sustainability as a common path of companies that share the same purpose.

It is intended for all public and It will take place from 08:30 to 17:00, at the Paseo La Galería Events Center. Tickets are now available for purchase.

“A concept popularized in the past decade is the carbon footprint, the notion that our actions have an impact on where we are. The footprint is the trace of our walk, something that we leave without the intention of leaving it there, it is inevitable. However, we can leave a positive mark”, explained Josefina Bauer, president of Sistema B Paraguay.

In this sense, he explained that the concept of “leave your mark” It implies an intention to positively impact the place where we are and leave our presence for a long time. “When we talk about lasting over time, we talk about sustainability, which is precisely what Movement B is looking for, that is, that more and more companies are encouraged to change the economy as we know it to leave an indelible mark and, above all, leave a legacy to future generations.”

That’s why, Sistema B Paraguay decided to celebrate this day with talks, interactive spaces, debates and networkingfrom which they will discover stories, projects and dreams of local and regional companies, as examples of actions that respect the environment and develop the culture of commerce at the service of the common good.

This edition has a very special meaning for Movement B, because this year the global community of B Corps is growing exponentially at the regional level and at a local level, exceeding the number of certified companies compared to previous years.

The day will be a space for learning and connection. “Day B is a platform to expose the work of those organizations that go far beyond corporate social responsibility, making a commitment to the socio-environmental impact they generate. We hope that in this space they can meet, learn and be inspired”, emphasized Josefina Bauer.

About System B Paraguay

Sistema B is the articulator in Latin America of a global movement of companies that works for an economy in which success is measured by the well-being of people, societies and nature. For this, companies need to measure their environmental and social impact with the same rigor as they do with their financial indicators.

The organization has an ecosystem vision, where the certification of B Corps is just one of several actions it carries out. Sistema B arrived in Paraguay in 2016, to promote business potential as agents of social change.

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