Ayacucho: Discounts on tickets for presenting a vaccination card

Ayacucho: Discounts on tickets for presenting a vaccination card

People who submit their with the They will have discounts of five percent on the service provided by the transportation company Turismo Internacional SumaqBus SAC, located in the land terminal.

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According to the company administrator, Quovadis Prado Martínez, they began with discounts on the 160 ° Bed Master Service, to motivate the purchase of tickets to formal companies and promote the economic reactivation of the region.

“If we are all vaccinated we could celebrate our carnival and live our Holy Week, that is why we join this initiative that promotes vaccination, as we are sure that it will contribute to economic reactivation,” said Mr. Prado.

For his part, the manager of the Municipal Terrapuerto “Libertadores de América”, Raúl Kisich Quispe, congratulated the SumaqBus company and urged the other companies to join this initiative that promotes the vaccination of citizens.

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“We hope that other companies will join in so that more users prefer to travel in formal companies that provide good care, health and safety. The important thing is to reduce the risk of contagion but it is also important to promote our economic reactivation with more tourist visits ”, the terrapuerto manager pointed out.

In addition, he specified that, the municipal seal, “This Organization Puts el Hombro al 100%”, will be granted to transport companies that comply with certifying that their personnel are immunized with their two vaccines, in order to avoid contagion in the terrapuerto and during the trip.


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Ayacucho: Discounts on tickets for presenting a vaccination card

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