Avelino Guillén revealed that Pedro Castillo planned to change him and appoint him Minister of Justice

Avelino Guillén reveals that the Government planned to decree a state of emergency and a curfew for one day in November

Former Interior Minister Avelino Guillén revealed that in November 2021, he received a proposal for a supreme decree from the Government Palace, where he planned to declare a state of emergency and a one-day curfew, just as he did last Tuesday. 5th of April

The former official explained that the approach at that time had been made in front of a demonstration in favor of the presidential vacancy that was going to take place on Saturday, November 27.

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I receive a visit in my office from an official from the Government Palace, who He told me about the possibility of a state of emergency being decreed on Saturday, November 27, due to the demonstration that was being summoned in the city of Lima”, Guillén said in dialogue with Cuarto Poder.

As head of the sector I had to promote and I I firmly and categorically expressed my rejection that from the Government Palace wanted to impose”, he added.

In that sense, Guillen He indicated that they had assured him that, according to police reports, there was supposedly a displacement in vehicles of people who were going to demonstrate in favor of the dismissal of Castillo Terrones. However, the former head of the Ministry assured that such reports did not exist.

For this reason, he explained that on November 26, one day before the march, he went to the Government Palace to meet with the president to give him his point of view regarding the measure that the Executive wanted to announce.

On Friday the 26th, I spoke with the president and gave him a brief position for which I considered that that request to declare a state of emergency for one day, for a demonstration could not prosper and was unconstitutional (…) The president agreed and told me: ‘I’m not going to be in Lima, I’m going to the interior of the country’“, Held Avelino Guillen.


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