Trabajo de expertos forenses en el lugar del incendio en la Base de Supertanqueros de Matanzas, el 12 de agosto de 2022. Foto: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Authorities report on the discovery of remains of missing persons in a fire in Matanzas

Cuban authorities reported the discovery of the first remains of disappeared persons in the fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Basein the west of the island.

At a government meeting held in that city this Friday, the Minister of Public Health, Dr. José Ángel Portal, explained that “this morning seven teams of Legal Medicine and other related specialties entered the scene of the fire and the first bone remains belonging to the fire were found. to four different people.

According to official information, the number of disappeared is 14, although their identities have not been publicly revealed by the government.

It is estimated that these are mainly firefighters who worked at the site when a large explosion occurred in the early hours of last Saturday, after several hours of the fire breaking out in the first of the four tanks that were finally damaged.

In yesterday’s session it was foreseen that the search began in 48 hours, but apparently the control of the fire allowed these tasks to begin earlier than estimated. The beginning of the works coincided with the visit of OnCuba to the area of ​​the accident, which allowed us to leave graphic evidence from a relevant distance.

As verified on-site our photojournalist Otmaro Rodríguez, the work was carried out in the surroundings of the second burned tank, officially numbered 51. He was also able to verify that, as the island authorities had reported, the flames had already been controlled and that there are severe effects on the place.

Precisely, at this Friday’s meeting, the Cuban Fire Department confirmed that the fire is extinguished, while assuring that “total vigilance was being maintained over the place, based on the possibility of new outbreaks resurfacing, due to the fuel spilled and high temperatures.

The head of Public Health also said that so far “no patient affected by environmental contamination due to the fire” had been reported, and reported that 22 people remained hospitalized for the incident, four of them in critical condition and three in serious condition. .

After this meeting, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel visited the place where the specialists work, according to what the island’s presidency reported on Twitter.

According to what was published, the team that works in the area includes Dr. Jorge González, a recognized expert in Legal Medicine, founding member and president of the Cuban Society of this specialty and currently Director of Teaching of the Ministry of Public Health, who directed the search for the remains of Che Guevara and the members of his guerrilla in Bolivia.

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