Authorities evict camp with hundreds of migrants in Tijuana

Authorities evict camp with hundreds of migrants in Tijuana

Since its installation, practically on the border line, more than 2,000 Central American, Mexican, Haitian migrants, among others, have arrived at the place, and their main demand was prompt attention for the request for their humanitarian support to enter the United States, this with the in order to flee the violence of their places of origin.

Over the months, the number of residents in the camp decreased and there were currently 381 people sleeping under tents, which were removed by cleaning personnel from the municipality of Tijuana, in the early hours of this Sunday.

Agents from the National Guard and riot police from the Tijuana Municipal Police first arrived at the camp, located in a federal zone, all unarmed and with the intention of controlling order in the place.

This camp was about to turn one year old: it was installed in February 2021 by migrants seeking political asylum in the United States.

Later, the mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero, and the secretary of the state government, Catalino Zavala, appeared to supervise the eviction.

Without the use of violence and under strict order, the migrants began to gather their personal belongings and boarded trucks that were prepared for the transfer to shelters set up for them.

One of these shelters is the State Center for Migrant Assistance, while others chose to go to another site that they had already planned.

“This is an area with a lot of vehicular traffic and we did it early so that they could arrive during the day, because doing it at night was definitely very dangerous,” Mayor Caballero justified when questioned by the media about the operation at dawn.

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