William Castillo: Intento magnicidio en Argentina es operación geopolítica contra gobiernos progresistas

Attempted assassination in Argentina is a geopolitical operation against progressive governments

“It is difficult to know what is going to happen in Argentina, but in Argentina a geopolitical operation is being mounted that has to do with the recovery of a space in the midst of a strategic defeat of imperialism in the region,” the journalist advanced. william castlein a VTV Special Program where the assassination attempt against the vice president was analyzed Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (CFK).

“What is sought, one year after the elections in Argentina? Is to create the environment, create a policy with the support of the media and the millionaire manipulation of social networks,” the Vice Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies raised and responded immediately. of Venezuela, seeing the intention of creating a situation of commotion in that country to blame the progressive forces for everything bad that can happen in the streets.

He recalled that the justice system in Argentina is failing in its “Lawfare” attempt to request life imprisonment for alleged crimes of corruption against the vice president, due to the ongoing judicial process without presenting any evidence.

In addition, the social networks in the days prior to the attack, openly aired the apology for hatred when the “death penalty” was requested against CFK, the attack on his son and all kinds of outrages that violate Human Rights.

He compared this frustrated attempt to end the life of Cristina Fernández, with what has happened in Latin America in recent years, when a boost from progressive governments was achieved that was later abruptly cut off through violence.

He explained that the death of Commander Chavez in Venezuela it is under suspicion, because there is a strong hypothesis of induced assassination; the coup in Brazil against Dilma Rousseffin Paraguay against Fernando Lugo and against Manuel Zelaya in Honduras; violence in Ecuador against Rafael Correa and in Bolivia the final blow against Evo Morales, who saved his life after eluding plans to kill him.

And in Venezuela, with the frustrated assassination of the president Nicholas Madurowith explosive drones of foreign technology, whose perpetrators and some intellectuals have been convicted and confessed.

“What does this context tell us? Political destabilization through assassination and political violence,” Castillo lamented.

Media minimizes severity:

The Vice Minister also highlighted the conduct of the right-wing media and journalists who, through indirect operations, impact the emotionality of the people so that they justify the damage of an unprecedented hate campaign, especially because of what is happening in Argentina.

“They are not oversights by journalists, in my opinion journalists feign insanity, unfortunately,” he said about Argentine journalism, which for the most part joins the operation to “naturalize” or justify the serious fact of the assassination attempt.

In the program, shorts of Argentine TV journalistic spaces were projected with interventions, interviews and “analysis” in which it was discussed why the weapon jammed and did not work as the murderer wanted, diverting the true seriousness of what happened.

There was even evidence of a program explaining how a weapon should be handled correctly so that it would work properly.

“The perverse and terrible thing is that the media, the journalists and the guests are lending themselves to legitimize that,” Castillo qualified, to the point that it seems -he said- that the journalists are advising that it be rehearsed so that there are no failures.

“The weapon is the protagonist, the striker and the methodology, and not the seriousness of the act. They are psychological operations. The political operation was to shoot her twice in the face and kill her before the world, in front of her town, her house and her family; and shock Argentine society. That’s obvious,” Castillo responded forcefully about the real mission of the assassination attacker, a subject who is being detained today by the justice of that country.

Given the new orientation that the Argentine media are making after the frustrated attack, the Venezuelan journalist and communicator was blunt:

“I think there is a popular response in the streets of Argentina, but the situation is truly dangerous and speaks of the danger for the entire region.”



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