Atentado contra la caravana de gobernador de Caquetá dejó dos policías muertos

Attack on the Caquetá Governor’s Caravan Left Two Police Officers Dead

The attack occurred after the president attended an event for the delivery of some infrastructure works in the department.

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Moments of anguish were recorded last night in the municipality of Solano, due to the attack with explosives against the caravan in which the Governor of Caquetá, Arnulfo Gasca, was traveling.

The attack with explosives was presumably perpetrated by the FARC dissidents and has so far left two police officers dead and five people injured.

According to the first reports, the governor was inaugurating a highway in the region, between the municipalities of Solano and Montañita, in the morning hours.

The caravan had more than 60 uniformed personnel and 50 vehicles that made up the governor’s security scheme.

attack victims

However, when they were about to return, they were victims of an attack with explosives that left several injured.

For his part, the director of the police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, confirmed that the deceased uniformed men corresponded to Miguel Ángel Bernal Espitia and William Rodolfo Echeverría Velasco.

He also rejected what happened and through a tweet declared that “we will not allow the murder of any police officer to go unpunished.”

Likewise, it was learned that the governor and some secretaries of the office are in good health after the attack on the caravan in which they were mobilizing.

They point out that after the attack they had to take shelter in Unión Peneya to be transported by air to Florence.

So far, the names of three wounded soldiers Miguel Ángel Ochoa García, Héctor Leonardo Cante and Óscar Iván Gómez are known.

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