Atlético Tucumán tied against Unión and had almost no chance of winning the League

Atlético Tucumán tied against Unión and had almost no chance of winning the League

Atlético Tucumán could not break Union. Photo: Diego Araoz

The people of Tucumán missed another great opportunity to reach the top of the championship but also to establish themselves in the qualifying zone for the South American Cup, something that they will now have to settle on the last day against a direct rival for this bid such as Defense and Justice, which He leads from inside by two points and will receive it in Florencio Varela.

But last week’s 1-1 draw at home against Rosario Central, the same as today’s but with the aggravating circumstance that although he also started losing, he was able to win it in discount time but goalkeeper Gaspar Servio held Ramiro Carrera from a penalty kick .

With those four points today the team from Tucuman would be a pointer, with two units ahead of Boca Juniors and the concrete chance of fighting for the title, in addition to having assured their qualification for the South American Championship.

But all this falls into the field of “if it had happened”, but reality indicates that although it was close to happening, it did not, and then those led by Lucas Pusineri will have to continue suffering, unfairly if you will, until the last date, when after marking the times of the contest for a good part of it, they can now quietly be left with nothing.

And this is frustrating today but at the beginning of the contest it would have been a feat, since the arrival of Pusineri to the technical direction had as its maximum objective to save himself from relegation, since he was very committed to the averages.

But afterwards everything was so good that the pretensions grew and they went straight to the top, with some favoritism at some point until they reached their first title in the highest category of Argentine soccer.

But it turns out that the team had the logical slump of each season right in the final stretch, when it caused the most damage, since of the last 11 games it only won three, and even so it is still close, with everything still to win, although tomorrow it can be overtaken for third place in the championship if Huracán beats Platense at home.

But those of the “Dean”, who received an ovation from the motley crowd that took over, as in the entire championship, the José Fierro, where they never saw him lose in this championship (he was the only undefeated at home), beyond everything they had a historic, memorable season.

Quite the opposite of what happened with Unión, which although today was superior to its rival to make goalkeeper Carlos Lampe a figure, will discreetly close the championship at home this weekend against Central Córdoba, from Santiago del Estero, in a farewell that It will surely be far from what his adversary received today.

– Synthesis –

Atletico Tucuman: Carlos Lampe; Martín Garay, Bruno Bianchi, Manuel Capasso and Matías Orihuela; Renzo Tesuri, Guillermo Acosta, Ramiro Carrera and Joaquín Pereyra; Augusto Lotti and Mateo Coronel. DT: Lucas Pusineri.

Union: Santiago Mele; Federico Vera, Facundo Agüero, Claudio Corvalán and Lucas Esquivel; Imanol Machuca, Juan Portillo, Juan Nardoni and Daniel Juárez; Junior Marabel and Martin Canete. DT: Gustavo Munua.

Goals in the second half: 2m. Corvalán (U) and 43m. Isa Luna (AT).

Changes in the second half: 13m. Eugenio Isnaldo for Pereyra (AT) and Cristian Menéndez for Lotti (AT); 26m. Ignacio Maestro Puch for Tesuri (AT) and Kevin Zenón for Juárez (U), 35m. Kevin Isa Luna for Orihuela (AT), 39m. Brayan Castrillon for Machuca (U), 45m. Matías Gallegos for Marabel (U) and Mauro Luna Diale for Cañete (U):

Admonished: Capasso, Tesuri, Acosta, Isnaldo and Isa Luna (AT). Nardoni, Corvalán and Vera (U).

Court: José Fierro (Atlético Tucumán).

Referee: Pablo Echavarria.

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