At the beginning of the second week of 2022, Bolivia registers 8,857 covid infections

At the beginning of the second week of 2022, Bolivia registers 8,857 covid infections

After a slight decrease in Covid-19 cases over the weekend, this Monday, the numbers of infections rose again and in one day the country registered 8,857 cases. While the number of deceased reached 16, in all the country. Cochabamba was the department where the most deaths occurred. In total, in the first 10 days of 2022, the national total reached 78,542 people who tested positive.

In Santa Cruz, this Monday the number of cases reached 3,992 and two people died. In these first 10 days of 2022, the department has already accumulated 44,389 people who tested positive for coronavirus and 151 deceased.

The second department most affected by the pandemic is Cochabamba, which this Monday registered 1,666 positive cases. It was also a tragic day for Cochabamba because it was the region where there were the most deaths, 10 in a single day. With the number of positive cases, it has already reached 9,024 people who were infected with the virus in these first 10 days this year.

Tarija It is the third most affected department, this Monday he scored 1,135 positive cases, with that many cases, only in 2022 the Chapaca region reached 6,265 people who tested positive.

Chuquisaca is the department that has the fourth place in cases this year, this Monday it reached 821 cases and in the global 2022 it reached 5,855 people who got it.

Peace being the seat of Government it has the fifth place with 546 cases this monday and a accumulated of 5,306 patients diagnosed as positive in the first 10 days of 2022.

Oruro is the sixth most affected department with a total of 3,092 cases in 10 days of 2022; While this Monday it registered 192 people who tested positive for coronavirus.

Potosí reached a global of 2,323 cases in the 10 days of the new year and this Monday registered 196 people who were diagnosed as positive.

Beni with 2,034 cases in 2022 It is the penultimate department in terms of number of cases, this Monday it reported 254 positive cases. Close Pando that in 10 days reached 254 cases, while this Monday it reached 55 positive patients.

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