Al menos 18 hinchas del Cali seguirían detenidos en Argentina: algunos

At least 18 Cali fans would continue to be detained in Argentina: some “without explanation from the Police,” they denounce

Local media had confirmed that 26 were charged after being arrested between Wednesday and Thursday.

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The conflict that has arisen between fans of Deportivo Cali and other teams in Argentina continues to be delicate. In recent weeks there have been theft of rags, clashes, confrontations and several arrests by the local police.

As will be remembered, the problem began with the theft of a flag from a Racing Club de Avellaneda bar. Situation that triggered fights in which several Colombians wounded with knives ended.

Likewise, between Wednesday and Thursday there were at least 26 captured whom the authorities confirmed found different sharp elements.

But it would not be the only thing, since they specify that there are around 18 fans of those who traveled to see the game against Boca Juniors and who denounce they have been arrested “without any explanation.”

The complaint of several fans

After the confrontation for the Copa Libertadores, from Blu Radio they established a dialogue with several of the fans of the Cali team who are in Argentine territory.

Those who assure that at least 50 of them were arrested, several released but another 18 still deprived.

  • «Many colleagues came, some on flights with their family and a different perception of the panorama, letting the Racing fan know that the bald people who did the robbery were not under our control, they were totally separate. Here in Buenos Aires they rule the gangs and during the game, the police tell us that they are going to escort us, that we meet to be united and it was a trap to treat us like dogs, they made us lie on the ground, they made the women lie down face down on a wet lawn in nine degree cold. They told us blacks, apes and monkeys, “they told the media.

The station said that the situation lasted around four hours, they were also accused of reselling tickets, they say.

  • «It is not like that, we made a purchase of more than $27 million in Cali for 203 tickets, also in Argentina we paid 76 more tickets for the fans. Apart from that, Deportivo Cali gave us some tickets and that’s why we had them all. They told some of us, in the ear, that they work for Racing and it’s sad to hear that. The Police detain us and they take our rags because a bar asks them to and they accuse us of something we did not do.
  • “Apart from this, our rags were kidnapped by these police officers, letting us know that if the flag that the four minors stole does not appear, that we do not know their whereabouts, they will hand them over to those of Independiente and Boca,” they told blue.

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