Asunción in decline with a view to Odesur Games 2022

Abandoned historic buildings, potholed streets and a large number of abandoned stores are part of the landscape that represents the capital. Citizens regret the situation in the face of international visitors who arrive for the games.

The city continues in a sorry state and criticism of the management of the Municipality of Asunción does not stop due to the large number of streets in poor condition and the abandonment of historic buildings.

Although the Odesur 2022 Games are just around the corner, it seems that said event was not relevant or was not a reason to put the microcenter in conditions. Citizens claim the neglect in which the center of Asunción finds itself despite the fact that it will host a competition of the utmost importance that will put the country in the “eye of the world”.

Federico Mora, Chief of Staff of the Municipality of Asunción, mentioned that “A roadmap was drawn up in conjunction with the MOPC where it committed to fixing certain arteries such as Cacique Lambaré, Sacramento, Spain, among others, but it was not done. nothing about it,” Mora stated. He in turn said that the Municipality is making constant improvements in the squares of Asunción where there are still families settled. Mora assured that on that side they have not had favorable responses from the options that had been pre-identified.

For his part, from the Ministry of Public Works and Communications, the economist and project director, Jorge Vergara, said that the ministry can only proceed to make arrangements in agreement with the Municipality. “We have made arrangements together with the National Sports Secretariat to be able to asphalt and improve the secretariat in some aspects; We are fixing up the Ñu Guasú area, which is what belongs to us. A parking lot is also being built. As for the microcenter and its current state, this is something that has been dragging on for a long time and it is getting worse and worse and so far no one takes any responsibility, not everything that is being used is being replaced and that is why it is displayed a great deterioration. There are many things that must be corrected so that the center belongs to everyone” he concluded.

The Odesur 2022 Games will be held from October 1 to 15 and around 7,000 athletes and tourists from different countries will come.

Another person who criticized the situation in the city was the councilor of Patria Querida, Álvaro Grau, who mentioned that Asunción is not prepared to teach tourists anything. Grau pointed out that although it is a good thing that the games are held here, the ideal would have been for improvements to be made in the central promenades that are usually the main centers of concentration of tourists.

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