Astori proposes that the opposition and the government agree on fundamental issues, because the future can be painful

Astori proposes that the opposition and the government agree on fundamental issues, because the future can be painful

Danilo Astori gave a message for the 28 years of Assembly Uruguay.
Danilo Astori gave a message for the 28 years of Assembly Uruguay.

Astori published an audiovisual greeting message for the 28th anniversary of the Uruguay Assembly.

He said that when they turn 28 “there is a lot of rich history to commemorate and celebrate, but that history is made up of souls and hearts that encouraged and managed to initiate and develop this political experience.”

“There is no possible celebration that does not begin by remembering with emotion, the contribution of colleagues who joined to make this idea possible and their political behavior,” Astori said.

On the other hand, the founder and leader of the Uruguay Assembly stated that we currently live in a “complicated reality” at all levels from which we can perceive it.

Criminal invasion of Ukraine by Russia

“On a world scale, the war is sowing the destruction of the globalization to which we had become accustomed during the last decades,” he said.

And at the same time, “generating uncertainty with reference to the future, and in particular to the world that will remain after the disastrous experience initiated by the criminal invasion of Ukraine by Russia.”

Economic problems

At the regional level, he said that neighboring countries are experiencing “important economic problems, especially Argentina, which also adds serious political confrontations within the government itself.”

I emphasize that “a hope has been opened in Chile with the electoral victory of Gabriel Boric, but there are still unresolved problems such as the resistance of local communities that are questions for the future.”

political confrontation

Regarding Uruguay, he indicated that there is a “marked political confrontation between the government and the opposition, which was verified from the first day of work of the current leadership of the country.”

“Thus, while the Frente Amplio governments have always sought a balance between the essential State action to strengthen respect for human rights and the responsibilities of the private sector, the current government has been seriously curtailing such action, as well as the essential resources to carry it out. out”, compared the former head of the FA governments.

Regarding the Broad Front, Astori said that it has verified the importance of a self-critical examination that allows understanding the electoral defeat, as well as finding ways to detect and correct the mistakes made.

Surely there are three matters that must be addressed in this sense: “the ideological renewal, the modernization of the organic structure with the fundamental objective of bringing it closer to the people of the Front, and the opening and arrival and the action of new comrades who will be bearers of standards and responsibilities in the times to come”.

He stated that the Assembly of Uruguay has to get involved in this process of self-criticism and changes, assuming the responsibility that corresponds to it. “Thus, we cannot ignore that we had a poor performance in the interior of the country that, when it spread to the entire Broad Front, contributed to causing the electoral result obtained.”


In this context, “there are many people who suffer acutely because they cannot cover their basic needs; meanwhile, the government and the opposition carry out their own stories, exhibiting an undisguisable and even growing fracture. I know very well that the government has been elected to govern and the opposition to control, criticize and even carry out actions that lead to political consequences in the very internal structure of the ruling party, but the government cannot pretend that we do not criticize, nor can we stop analyze the proposals of the ruling party”.

“I attach importance to this point, because if we do not find the path of greater political quality and build bridges to agree on at least some fundamental issues, the future, in addition to being uncertain, can be very painful,” Astori stated.

In this reality, he assured: “Uruguayan Assembly has bet on the sum and, therefore, on the accumulation first within our house and for this reason we have assigned capital importance to the Seregnista Call”.

“The division and much more the fragmentation are very difficult obstacles for the progress of the left, that is why from now on when we are taking our first steps we warn that it is necessary to avoid flanks through which the division sneaks and personal or sectoral objectives referring to supposed leaderships that contradict the affirmation of our identities, or candidacies that have not been discussed. Let’s not let the project fail,” Astori asked.

He added that the work to be done is intense. “Let us feel committed to the objective of having an increasingly better country, with freedom, the exercise of democracy and justice. Let’s fight for a powerful left with the heart of the Broad Front and let’s make the Uruguayan Assembly a testimony of militancy, detachment and generosity for our compatriots, offering the best of our contributions to those who today are far from having a decent life.”

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