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Association of Economists of Aguascalientes presents the new development and economic growth plan

Association of Economists of Aguascalientes presents the new development and economic growth plan

In order for Aguascalientes to become one of the three most important economies in the country, the College of Economists presented the new plan for development and economic growth.

In this regard, the president of the College, Jose Gil Gordilloexplained that there are three aspects that are being followed, diversification of activities, economy based on knowledge and innovation, as well as sustainability and sustainability oriented to water care.

The specialist indicated that the preparation of this new plan is due to the fact that a new state administration will soon enter, in addition to the fact that the world is undergoing a reconfiguration driven by the pandemic, the war in Europe and global warming.

“It is starting to take into account projects that are related to issues of technology, infrastructure, sustainability and all this is something that has to be promoted from the knowledge economy. So, we are talking about taking into account the natural resources, which are essential for the new planning, to take a good look at which are the sectors from which the diversification of the economy would take place, how to resume the economic growth of Aguascalientes”, he added.

Indicating that the plan was prepared by the economist Fernando Camacho Sandoval, José Gil Gordillo stressed that each axis is made up of an action plan, for example, a process is established so that value chains can be expanded, especially in areas or nodes of greater added value (such as automotive, design, logistics, technology).

There is also a part that details how to promote new companies based on knowledge, (advanced services fintechtechnology, industry 4.0 agribusiness, electronics, energy) and the modernization of companies in traditional sectors, such as clothing and food, to diversify the engines of the economy.

Pointing out that the Association of Economists of Aguascalientes is already seeking to present this new project to the governor-elect, Teresa Jimenez EsquivelJosé Gil Gordillo indicated that this plan is also in accordance with the need to adjust the development plans for the state.

He specified that currently the subnational authorities They have to focus on developing plans with a 10-year vision and with measurement indicators, since the world will continue to present volatile behavior, where the new economic needs will change rapidly.

“They should not be so long term, maybe 10 years. The most important thing is to be very clear about what indicators are going to be measured,” she stressed.


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