Assets seized in the 'Cyclone' case will be returned

Assets seized in the ‘Cyclone’ case will be returned

An area of ​​more than 8,320 meters, which is occupied by the Police Intelligence Directorate, has to be handed over to Reyes Torres’ ex-partner.

An earthquake shakes the State institutions that occupy lthe assets that were seized, 30 years ago, in the ‘Cyclone’ case. The Ecuadorian justice ordered Inmobiliaria, a company in charge of managing public goods, the return of land and other properties of the defendants who were dismissed of the accusations.

The judicial decision is in the execution stage; that is, it is not subject to appeal or delay and is mandatory.

The Police, institution that captured Jorge Hugo Reyes Torres, and others indicated for the crime of drug trafficking, must return the property where the National Intelligence Directorate.

It’s about a land of 8,320 meters squares in an area of high capital gain, in the north of Quito. Those facilities that have an enclosure, a building, parking lots and green areas are claimed by the ex-partner of Reyes Torres, Dayra levoyer. The property occupies the entire corner on the av. de los Álamos and a street without a name.

Last November 4, a judge ordered for the third time that “immediately” the delivery of the property be completed. This is in accordance with previous legal decisions (of June 21 and August 4, 2021) in which compliance with the decision was already ordered.

Dayra Lascano’s lawyer, Oswaldo Trujillo Santillán, indicated that his client was dismissed from any type of crimes related to the ‘Cyclone’ case. Also, in an interview with TIME, stated that have been seeking the return of the goods for more 25 years old, when his innocence was confirmed.

Other goods

A judge asked a month ago Real Estate to issue a report on the status of two plots of land in Guayaquil which are claimed by Lascano. The two properties add up 16,000 square meters. She attached documentation in which he states that he bought the goods before the ‘Cyclone’ case broke out.

The plots are located on the av. Benjamín Carrión, in the Tarqui parish. Today they are occupied by different dependencies, including a faculty, of a University of the Main Port.

In the event that the State does not comply with the orders, Lascano’s defense anticipates that it will initiate criminal proceedings for “failing to comply with a legitimate order from a competent authority.” This crime is defined in Article 282 of the current Penal Code and punishes those responsible for up to three years in prison.

Other exprocessed

The Ecuadorian justice also ordered the return of land to another of the defendants in the ‘Cyclone’ case, who were dismissed. There are 12 lots totaling 55,524 square meters in Cotocollao, in Quito, and a hacienda of 14.6 hectares. That person officiated last March to the Police Department the eviction of “the people who are illegally occupying the property.”

The lawyer Trujillo, who also represents Reyes Torres, added that there is a request for restitution of a property that is in the name of his client in the north of Quito and that currently serves Real estate as a winery. “The problem is that this is a politicized and stigmatized case. Every judge is afraid to act in law, “he said.

The drug trafficking case began more than 30 years ago

In June 1992, police raided about 34 properties of people accused of participating in a drug trafficking network headed by Reyes Torres.

The agents took possession of land and houses and They seized jewelery, works of art, weapons, livestock and other valuable objects.

The case gave way to open 13 trials for other crimes such as murder, kidnapping and front man. Reyes Torres was sentenced for drug trafficking in 1996, with a ruling ratified in June 1996, which ordered the confiscation of the property seized by the Police and its final delivery tol extinct Consep. For this case he spent 16 years in prison and then he served another sentence for Cyclone III, five years. In total 21 years.

The president of the then Court of Quito, Fabián Jaramillo, and the Second Criminal Chamber They ordered in 2002 and 2007, respectively, the return of the assets to the acquitted persons, among them relatives of kings.

34 bienes fueron incautados por las autoridades

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