Assemblyman will be prosecuted for macho expressions against his partner

Assemblyman will be prosecuted for macho expressions against his partner

The Council of Administration of the Legislature described the beginning of a disciplinary process against the assembly member Diego Ordóñez (I BELIEVE).

Assemblyman L Monica Palacios (UNES) filed a complaint with Legislature Board of Directors (CAL) against his partner Diego Ordóñez (I BELIEVE).

Palacios denounced Ordóñez for “misogyny and macho expressions” on social media against her, on November 4, 2021, when the legislator wrote: “Go from the tube to the seat and clumsy tricks arise”.

Ordóñez replied via Twitter: “In its double standard, Correísmo demands respect. They insult without respecting the honor of others, they attack women. And they wait for apologies “.

Palacios also answered, for Twitter, and said: “His misogyny is worrying, I do not know if he pretends to be the echo of an anachronistic political class or he had a bad experience that brought him aversion to women. Behave yourself like a gentleman, apologize, stop violence and bear the consequences of your actions. “

Ordóñez will have a period of three days, from the notification of the opinion, to present his discharges. That process could be worth a suspension of up to 30 days without pay.(AVV)


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