El aborto por violación es legal en Ecuador desde abril de 2021.

Assembly sets gestation weeks for abortions for rape

The report of this bill will go to vote, in second debate
on Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

It was the assembly member José Agualsaca who proposed not to set deadlines for girls, adolescents or women with disabilities who require a rape abortion.

While for women over 18 years of age, the term to access will be the 28 weeks gestation. That is, seven months pregnant.

The motion was approved with six votes in favor, 4 against. Art19 has been approved.

This, however, is part of the proposal that must be voted on by the Assembly in the second debate that will take place on January 12, 2022. There the regulations will be approved so that girls and women who are victims of sexual assaults can interrupting their pregnancies.

Social organizations have defended that in no case set deadlines, so as not to create obstacles in the processes.

Name change in law

The debate in the justice commission of the Assembly lasted more than 9 hours. In time the assembly members debated on changing the name of the law, rather than on the temporality.

The conflict was that the project of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy due to rape had the word right in its title. For this reason, the Commission resolved to reformulate the name of the bill that awaits the second and final debate.

Legislator Gisela Garzón moved that the project should be titled an organic law that guarantees the voluntary interruption of pregnancy of girls, adolescents and women in the event of rape and obtained the votes in favor. (AVV)

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