Association of taps asks to cancel the stoppage of La Pampilla Refinery

ASPPOR asks to extend the authorization of La Pampilla to 60 days to avoid fuel shortages

The Peruvian Association of Port Operators () requested the extend to 60 calendar days the term of authorization for the loading and unloading of hydrocarbons in the Multibuoy Terminals No. 1 and 3 of the La Pampilla Refinery – Repsol.

The OEFA had authorized these activities for 10 calendar days and under supervision, through Resolution No. 00018-2022-OEFA/DSEM, in order to guarantee the supply of Turbo A1 and IFO/Marine Diesel/Bunker fuel.

According to the port association, 10 days are not enough to ensure that crude oil suppliers arrive at docks 1, 3 or 4 of La Pampilla. Otherwise the ships would go to Chile or Colombia.

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“The 60 days ensure at least two landfalls and the complete process of the first, from refining to distribution to suppliers (sea, land and air)”indicated the head of ASPPOR, Favio León, in a letter sent to OEFA.

“This term will prevent not only the shortage of fuel but also the rise in prices of hydrocarbon products and the chain effect that it would have on the prices of essential goods and services, as well as in public and private cargo transportation. and passengers affecting the economy as a whole”he added.


In addition, the former Minister of Justice, Marisol Pérez Tello, indicates that the cabinet change is a good step. Also, Congressman Carlos Anderson of Podemos Peru, said that before joining the new cabinet “Pedro Castillo must ask the country for forgiveness. And, Colombian defendant testifies for the assassination of the president of Haiti.

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