Arza and "his various ways of scamming"

Arza and “his various ways of scamming”

Osmar Legal, Prosecutor for Economic Crimes, who investigates a scheme of scams allegedly led by the cattle rancher Luis Arza, expressed that they are committed to collecting all the information, since it involves many accounts in various banks.
Specifically, they requested the financial movements of Arza and 13 other people from the Superintendency of Banks. The delivery of the order will take a few days due to the large amount of financial information these people accumulated.

“From what they return, we will begin to work, on the one hand, and in parallel we are calling the alleged victims to testify. Once the data are crossed, they will know if they really are such or they were accomplices, “he said in an interview with 730 AM.

Legal reported that there is only a single complainant. It was presented at the entrance table of the Prosecutor’s Office to denounce Arza for fraud. However, the fiscal agent did not want to specify who it is.
“To be frank, there is only one victim complaining who appeared at the prosecution’s entrance table, but informally lawyers approached, commenting that they would have clients who would also report,” he said. This person is an older woman, but it is not clear how she was scammed. One of Arza’s usual ways of committing the crime was the repeated sale of the same animal, generating the scam to three or four people.

At another point, Legal questioned whether it is actually a Ponzi scheme, since for this crime to exist, the victim must make an investment with the aim of generating a greater profit. What is concrete in this case is that the victims were scammed in various ways by Arza.

“The edges are very wide. We started to have a line of work. A cause sui generis (original or bizarre), where a single person swindled a hundred victims ”, he assured.

Giovanna, Arza’s wife, was also summoned to testify, but never came forward. Legal affirms that they can request an arrest warrant against her, but by strategy, they have not requested it yet.

“We summoned Arza’s wife to testify, but she did not come. She has the power not to testify. You can come and abstain. We have the possibility of issuing an arrest warrant, but by strategy we are waiting for more information before issuing the resolution. It is not a priority, ”he said.

According to the information he handles, both Arza and his wife left the country before the investigation began. It is presumed that they left the country by land via Ciudad del Este bound for Brazil. Although the accused may already be in another country at this point.

The fiscal agent finally reported that they had already located Arza’s house, where they collected some checks and documents, but it was mainly empty. The striking fact is that the house is not in your name, but that of a third person. It was already presented at the time of the raid, but did not provide much information before the prosecutors’ consultation.

The house was originally owned by the Fadul family, but it is in the process of buying and selling with the third person in question. The prosecutor did not want to specify the name of the current owner.

Regarding Ramón González Daher, he affirmed that there is a danger of flight. It should be remembered that the former sports manager is being investigated again for participating in the Arza scheme of scams.

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