Arturo McFields: "Nicaragua's dictatorship received a historic blow in the OAS"

Arturo McFields: “Nicaragua’s dictatorship received a historic blow in the OAS”

Arturo McFields Yescas, former Nicaraguan ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), concluded that the Nicaraguan people had a “week of victories”, due to the string of demands that the international community made to the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, in recent days, which closed with the unanimous condemnation of the States that participated in the 52nd General Assembly of the OAS that took place in Lima, Peru.

“(I am) very excited about what happened yesterday at the OAS, and I say excited because for the first time, since 2018, the OAS approved a resolution unanimously, by acclamation,” the former diplomat said on his Twitter account this Saturday, October eight.

He explained that, during the session, “there was no need to put the resolution on Nicaragua to a vote (because) the 32 States present decided to support this resolution”, without any votes against and without any abstentions, “only an out of place comment from Honduras».

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The only absentees were the Nicaraguan delegation and the Venezuelan delegation, represented by Juan Guaidó, recognized by the United States as interim president of the South American country.

Gustavo Tarre, Guaidó’s representative to the OAS, announced earlier this week that he would not participate in the General Assembly, after a group of 11 countries showed their intention to expel him from the regional forum. However, the initiative presented by Antigua and Barbuda and supported by Mexico, Bolivia, among others, failed as it did not obtain the necessary 24 votes.

McFields indicated that, regarding the OAS resolution that condemns the Daniel Ortega regime in Nicaragua, the delegations of “El Salvador, Honduras and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines were not very satisfied and sent a footnote, expressing these concerns and alleging issues of sovereignty, self-determination of peoples and all those things that we already know. But, despite that, “it is a day of victory because the dictatorship received a heavy blow.”

Added to the region’s condemnation, he said, was the announcement of a investigation for crimes against humanity against the dictatorship in Argentina and the resolution of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IA Court) which demands the immediate release of 45 political prisoners.

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“It is a week of victories for the Nicaraguan people,” he reiterated. “The entire hemisphere demands freedom for political prisoners.”

«Is Ortega leaving tomorrow? No, because a dictatorship of 15 years does not go away in 15 minutes, but we are winning, we are advancing and the dictatorship will not last forever », he sealed.

The Organization of American States (OAS) called on Friday for the Nicaraguan regime to “cease all violent action” against the population and to “fully restore civic and political rights, religious freedoms and the rule of law.”

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It also asked the Nicaraguan authorities “to grant full and unhindered access to its territory to international human rights organizations in a spirit of transparency and accountability” and asked the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to “continue to monitor the situation of the human rights” in the country.

The draft of this resolution was considered by the Permanent Council at its regular session held on September 28 and forwarded to the plenary of the OAS General Assembly for debate and approval in Lima.

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