ART ON THE WEB: An angel visits her

An angel visits the woman, to give her the news of the next maternity. But the image has nothing to do with the harmony and serenity of certain Renaissance announcements.

It’s a scream. It’s a hit. It is a horror.

The woman, you see, works tirelessly in front of her sewing machine. And the appearance of the angel (angel of death), far from relieving her, far from offering her any hope, seems to terrify her. Black are the omens.

What for some is a bright revelation, for others it can be hell.

Not everyone agrees with the grotesque expressionism of Antonia Eiriz (Havana, 1929-Miami, 1995). There are those who do not want to see, with all their rights, the dark and painful side.

But this. And it’s more than a nightmare.

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