Arrested citizens involved in the murder of the Paraguayan prosecutor in Colombia

Arrested citizens involved in the murder of the Paraguayan prosecutor in Colombia

Last Tuesday, two people – of Venezuelan nationality – were arrested, involved in the murder of the Paraguayan prosecutor, Marcelo Pecci, occurred in Colombia on May 10.

In statements broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, the Minister for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, Remigio Ceballos; He explained that the citizens were detained in an operation by the Peace Quadrants.

After carrying out the investigations – he explained -, the authorities realized that there was an arrest warrant code blue, by Interpol.

“These people are being required by the 51st prosecutor’s office of Cartagena, Colombia, through an arrest warrant, dated 06/02/2022,” said Ceballos.

During the interrogation processes, one of the detainees, who answers to the name of Carlos Luis Salinas Mendoza; He declared that he arrived in Colombia in 2022 and met with some hit men, who commissioned him to do the job.

For this, he was paid eight thousand dollars, with which he traveled from Medellín to Cúcuta and from Cúcuta to Venezuela, where he stayed at his mother’s house.

“This young man was the driver of the water transport for the commission of that crime,” Ceballos stressed.

As stated by Salinas – who was imprisoned for kidnapping and homicide -, the one who gave him the orders was Francisco Correa, alias “El Monín”, who ordered him to hire several people to carry out the assassination.

Upon arrival in Cartagena – the place where the assassination would be executed -, alias “El Monín” handed over the weapons to commit the criminal act.

«In five days they give us the instructions, we go to the Barú beach where we rent a jet ski, “El Guacala” (one of the people hired) gets off, executes the prosecutor and we go where “El Negrito” was waiting for us to go to Medellín, “said the detainee.

The second detainee responds to the name of Carlos Javier Gómez Gómez, who has a request by the third court of first instance for control of the Criminal Judicial Circuit of the Metropolitan area of ​​Caracas, according to case 3C1476711 of November 16, 2011.

His relationship with Salinas – explained the detainee – dates from the Tocuyito Prison, where they were detained.

Together with El Negrito, Gómez indicated, they kept in touch by Whatsapp.

Gómez pointed out that he met Salinas at a party in Miranda, where he revealed to him about the prosecutor’s assassination and the money collected.

In this sense, he pointed out that the two citizens are detained, based on Venezuelan justice.

Duque’s government promoted the recruitment of criminals

During the press conference, Ceballos denounced that, during the government of Iván Duque, the recruitment of criminals was promoted, to generate destabilization, both in Colombian and Venezuelan territory.

“It is precisely during the government of Iván Duque, that the recruitment of Venezuelan criminals to commit crimes in Venezuelan and Colombian territory is used as a destabilizing strategy,” Ceballos warned.

In this sense, he described as “curious” that Venezuelan criminals have been recruited to generate violence in Colombia.

“This is a crime that has a paramilitary invoice, characteristic of Colombian violence,” he stressed.

After the revelation of the confessions, Ceballos notified that they are detained and in the process of Venezuelan justice, for which they will be tried based on article 69 of the Venezuelan law that prohibits the extradition of Venezuelans.

“They will be tried by the Venezuelan judicial system, which has all the capabilities to punish them to the fullest extent of the law,” he emphasized.

On the other hand, he reiterated the rejection, by the National Government, of the murder of the prosecutor.

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