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Arregui washes “his hands” in relation to the leak of the report on HC

“I cannot speak about the report, due to the legal precautions that exist regarding the information contained therein,” responded Carlos Arregui, when asked about the document related to former President Cartes and that was illegally leaked to various media outlets.

Arregui admitted that the report came from Seprelad and was forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office, but said he was unaware of how it was leaked to the media, in this way he “washed his hands” in relation to the issue.

When asked if this leak will affect the rating that Gafilat will grant, he explained that it is no longer in the evaluation period and that the analysis is based on the institutional reaction to the investigative facts.

“The issue of leaks is not desirable either, but it happens in all countries,” he added in this regard.

The head of Seprelad added that an internal investigation will be ordered to determine the causes and identify those responsible for leaking the report, underlining that it consists of 161 pages in total, alluding to the 43-page document that circulated in the media. communication.

He added that the report was prepared based on a joint effort with the Undersecretary of State for Taxation (SET).

The entrance Arregui washes “his hands” in relation to the leak of the report on HC was first published in diary TODAY.

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