Arquero Wilson Quiñónez extended his contract with Oriente Petrolero

Arquero Wilson Quiñónez extended his contract with Oriente Petrolero

Oriente Petrolero and Wilson Quiñónez reached an agreement so that the Paraguayan goalkeeper continued in the ranks of the team I mean. The soccer player signed his new contract this Monday, which binds him for two more years to the institution that opened the doors to him in Bolivian football.

“The time has come when we have made the decision to be part of the Oriente Petrolero team for two more years. Happy to be here, to be able to extend the bond and close the year in this way, “said Quiñónez.

The 33-year-old goalkeeper stamped his signature for the seasons 2022 and 2023 before leaving for his country, where he plans to vacation with his family. His return to Santa Cruz is scheduled for the first days of January

You have to go to recharge your batteries with the family, They are also very happy with the decision I made to stay at this club. They are also part of the East, they are in good times and in bad times with the team ”, he added.

He acknowledged that throughout the season there were more positive than negative things in the team and that for the next season he has the illusion of winning the title with Oriente Petrolero.

“A hug … I love the East”, Quiñónez expressed before traveling to his country.

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