Around thirty organizations agreed to meetings with Diego García-Sayán;  the Rapporteur will see Jeanine

Around thirty organizations agreed to meetings with Diego García-Sayán; the Rapporteur will see Jeanine

The meetings with the Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, Diego García-Sayán, had their coordination mechanism for 15 days, those who were accepted and asked to follow some biosafety rules mainly. They would add about thirty organizations and personalities that already have a date and time for the meetings.

“They have already confirmed us, we will have 40 minutes as a delegation, we are 15 representatives of sectors such as miners, Bar Association, Adepccoa, and organic Conamaq. It seems that there are about 30 organizations that managed to arrange a meeting,” said the representative of Conade, Manuel Morales.

It was also confirmed that García-Sayán will visit the former president, Jeanine Áñez in the Miraflores prison, where he has been detained for eleven months. The family of the former president had requested the meeting in advance.

According to Morales, 15 days ago they carried out the procedures to arrange a meeting fulfilling the requirements. On Sunday they were informed that their request had been accepted but the place and time are being kept in reserve.

Among the personalities who will meet with the international representative is Senator Silvia Salame (CC), former judge of the Constitutional Court who will present the global problems of the Judicial Branch. “The meeting will be in La Paz and my intention is to make known the crisis of the justice system, because it is a global problem, it is not only for justice administrators, but also for the Police and prosecutors,” said the legislator.

The victims of Senkata and Sacaba will also be in a meeting that they confirmed for the 19th of this month.

Lhe meetings with the UN rapporteur were agreed between 30 and 40 minutes to present their cases. Conade will influence justice administrators linked to the Government, drug trafficking and the consequences.

Senkata and Sacaba will make known that, despite all the requests made so far, no one has been tried or sentenced for the deaths that occurred in those places in 2019. Former president Jeanine Áñez will expose her case as open interference by political power at all levels of justice.

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